Why outsourcing to a 3PL is the best move for any shippers?

The logistics department must always consider growth. Optimizing the transportation operations does not only involve providing the lowest price. To promote real innovation and good value for customers, most shippers have considered moving to managed transportation services like https://www.ontimegroup.com.au/ and are now seeing great success. Below are things why outsourcing a third-party logistics provider can help you.

Flexibility and technology

3PL always provides its customers access to their most recent resources. It means that customers will benefit from a more extensive technology and logistics operations infrastructure. One example can be, 3PL providers have been greatly invested in the transportation management system. It means that they have already developed their own to help support a customer’s logistics operation. It will give customers great access to logistics technology that most could not afford.

Putting the focus on another business aspect

When outsourcing, the customers get all good benefits. They are getting access to experienced supply chain professionals. It will be very specific to areas of expertise such as modes, carriers, and more. The time spent doing this can be consuming. When outsourcing. Companies can now focus on other areas like marketing, production, and establishing a good and solid customer relationship. Put the logistics side to professionals and focus on improving the flow of the business.

Lowering down costs

Others will think that outsourcing is not cost-effective and would handle this area internally. But companies can lower their costs by taking advantage of the capacity of 3PL. The return of an investment will come from the provider that will help optimize transportation planning. Negotiation and many favorable rates from carriers will depend on every carrier. It will also reduce the workload for the employees through automation.

Economies of scale

When doing this internally, the majority of the shippers do not have a negotiation advantage with other carriers compared to the range of a 3PL. When outsourcing to a transportation partner, shippers should benefit from the collective buying capability. The 3PL can only help you to secure the lowest rates.

Customer service

The shipper’s main goal is to provide a high level of service to their customers. 3PL also focuses on this area with any shipper they work with. Experienced 3PL will ensure to build a strategic approach to assist in overcoming the challenges of delivery speed, visibility, information flow, and accuracy on arrival. It can stretch to service reporting and the data availability for analytics. This data can be used for KPIs and vendor scorecards.

Managed transportation can do many things that will help you run your business smoothly. Doing enough research about the providers can help you make the right decision and find the best 3PL to fit your business model.

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