Things That Security Forces and Marital Unfaithfulness Have in Common?

Simple answer is that, lie detectors (polygraphs) can be applied effectively in botch cases. Polygraphs are used to reveal the truths and lies – even in cases where you wouldn’t expect it. The application and possibilities of polygraphs are not limited as they used to be in the old days. Polygraph examinations are generally ordered by security forces and state institutions, namely intelligence agencies, military, law enforcement and ministries.

Polygraphs are appreciated by both natural persons and legal entities

Smaller private companies are equally focused on providing personal, property and data security. Polygraph examination are also beneficial for other kind of private sectors and companies, regardless of their business activities they specialize in. A lot of companies look for the answers to important questions regarding their business activities and the case of a possible sensitive information leakage.

A natural person may seem like an atypical client for the general public, conversely for the polygraph examiners, this type of person may represent a significant proportion of the ones, who order a polygraph examination – usually for their loved ones. Most try to find the answers to various intimate questions concerning the possible partner infidelity, addictions or health issues. Participation of a close person to a polygraph examination may provide a reassurance of whether they are telling the truth or not.

Usually delicate information is involved during the examination and the polygraph examiner is responsible for the exam and subsequent data analysis, which is bounded by confidentiality. The results are shared and analyzed exclusively with the person who ordered the examination after the polygraph charts have been evaluated.

Using polygraph examination in business

Polygraph exams are being ordered by private companies at an increasing rate. Companies are looking for answers to question concerning their internal affairs, the leakage of strategic information presents a great problem, as it may ruin everything you and your company have been working on. It is therefore important for each company to employ responsible people on executive positions as they tend to have access to sensitive and private information related to your business.

“Polygraph examination results are almost 100% accurate. You will definitely know whom to trust and whom to not.”

Using a lie detector is quick and easy to use, and gives you the ability to verify (confirm and refute) the fact if your individual employees are loyal or not. Employees are confronted with questions about handling entrusted information, relationships with competitors, etc. Questions depend on the concrete suspicions you have. Experienced examiners give questions according to requirements, giving you to know if the tested person could affect your business.

Saving money with polygraphs

In the time of a financial crises, companies are trying to save funds wherever possible and in every case. Lie detectors may effectively identify individuals who waste the company’s resources and give the company an opportunity to reduce costs. Polygraphs can reveal the possible misappropriation of money, enrichment at the expense of the company and can also convict the culprit of theft.

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