Protect Your Business With The Right Security Cameras

In the current challenging economic climate, it is important for businesses to look closely at their on-going practices to establish that there are not areas in which money is being spent or lost needlessly.

Security cameras offer not only theft deterrent and improved apprehension of criminals but can also be a valuable business analysis tool.

Even in a small country such as New Zealand, loss through theft is estimated to cost some $760 million annually which has major ramifications for both small and large businesses. Theft is not just an issue for retailers: statistics show 24% occurs during manufacture and 5% during distribution. There is a need for careful attention to be paid at all levels to ensure your business is meeting its potential and operating at the highest level.

Security cameras are not just about catching shop lifters: they can also provide useful real time feedback about activity and customer behaviour, enabling you to make staffing adjustments and ensure product placement is maximised. Security cameras can also provide useful data about internal processes and losses caused by mistakes or flawed systems, lowering costs and increasing profit. Security cameras can also provide valuable information about adherence to health and safety procedures, ensuring you can check that the systems you have in place to ensure safety are working.

Security cameras can also be used to provide better security and safety for staff, particularly for those who are in sole charge situations. Even the act of monitoring car parks can help your employees feel safe and protected. They range from a basic fixed recording device to state of the art motion sensing and data collecting devices. There are also options for portable cameras enabling the single device to provide coverage as required rather than every corner of your workplace being under constant surveillance. There are also options for cameras to be unobtrusively added to existing security alarm systems.

You can also consider the extent of CCTV cameras in your general vicinity. You may find entrances and exits are well covered by existing surveillance cameras.

As the aim of any business is to operate with the maximum efficiency, it is wise to consider exactly what outcomes you seek from the installation of security cameras and seek advice about the most cost effective and responsive way they can be installed and monitored so that they further enhance your business rather than being another expensive overhead with unquantified returns.

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