Little Known Security Measure to Protect Your Business and Save Money

A business owner, especially the small business owner, needs to have security measures that save money and keep the business safer without costing a lot of money upfront. So how does one do this with the costs of security going up each year? First look at how security measures affect a business. There are many ways security issues happen in any type of business. They start with place and the premises security measures, then move to hiring and termination, training, theft reductions and protection of people just to name a few.

A useful measure I speak of is the use of Forensic Statement Analysis. Most people have never heard of this or what it can do for your business and security measures. It has been called the polygraph of written statements, meaning it is a special means to find deceit in written statements, find fraudulent statements and so forth. Used by investigators, Federal Agencies and others around the world to ferret out those who would give false information in a written statement for whatever reason they want to accomplish. So let’s look at what this can do for a business owner.

Any type of written statement dealing with a business setting can contain misinformation, left out information, outright lies, and fraudulent statements. This can be anything involving work comp claims, claims of wrongdoing, terminations, hiring’s, scams for money, thefts, stalking, assaults and the list goes on. Most times incidents have a written documenting the type and setting for the incident, especially if there is a police or security report done on the matter, or at least should be done. Let’s look at just one type of incident, a theft results in an employee being fired.

There is a theft of money in the business; a hasty investigation shows only one person had the opportunity to do the theft after others write statements. The person is summarily fired on the spot, end of investigation and problem right? Well not really, the person fired states they did not do it and hires a lawyer for wrongful termination. The investigator for the lawyer uses Forensic Statement Analysis on all the statements taken at the time of the theft incident including the fired person’s. By using this technique it is determined that another employee lied on their statement and actually stole the money.

Now when this goes to court, do you think the money you spent on a lawyer to defend your business, time from business to go to court and the very possible ruling against you for not handling the investigation properly is a worthwhile cost? Take into account that most Forensic Statement Analysis, costs between $20 and $100 per statement to have done. It makes a lot of sense to use it and not go through this situation being surprised in the end and losing a lot of time and money. Does this mean you have to use a service like this every time a statement is done? No, but it should be in the back of your mind as a tool to use if there is any chance something is wrong with a statement or situation that incurs a statement to be taken.

Like anything else in the security world, it is a tool, not 100% to keep you safe all the time, but very useful when used in situations deeming it’s need. You do have to have a professional use the tool for the best outcome; it is not a DIY type tool without practice and proper training.

For any type of security issues always hire a professional to aid you, saves time and money every time!

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