Common Technical Equipment Used in Private Investigations

Private investigators regularly depend upon the use of a wide range of specialist surveillance equipment to carry out their investigations competently. If you have ever wondered what investigators use when they are on a case, here are three of the most common types of technical devices that are used to help them crack complex cases.

Videos & Cameras

Video cameras are often used in private investigations because they are an excellent way to capture evidence that is hard to refute. If you catch someone stealing an item from your office on video camera then you have your evidence to take action.

However, videos are sometimes limited in what they can achieve, and DSLR cameras can be a very useful compliment. These cameras are often more complex and require training to be able to use them in PI situations, so it is important that when you choose an experienced team to carry out investigations for you, they know exactly how to make use of all of the equipment.

Hidden Camera

Hidden cameras are in many ways the classic tool for private investigations. This is the device that is used in the films and TV programmes to capture illicit activity on camera in a range of situations.

Private investigators like to use hidden cameras because they can lead to excellent results in a short period of time. Just imagine that you suspect one of your staff is taking money from your till but you don’t know who it is. By installing a covert camera above the till you could soon have your answer and use the video footage as evidence to get a conviction.

GPS Tracking

One of the most common tools that is used in private investigations is GPS tracking technology. This is where special devices are used to enable you to track the movements of vehicles and work out where they are going.

The benefit of this technology is that it is more affordable than hiring a full surveillance team. Perhaps your budget means that full surveillance is not an option and you want a more affordable solution for your private investigations. Alternatively, you may want to use this technology to build up evidence before deciding upon a more serious surveillance operation.


High-Tech Devices for Solving Cases

Private investigators use the above equipment on a regular basis to help them to solve cases. However, when you are looking for a firm to carry out private investigations for you, make sure that they know what they are doing and only use high-quality surveillance equipment that has been proven over time.

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