Choosing a Career in Close Protection

Are you looking for a career with a lot of potential? Do you want the career to be interesting, exciting and challenging? Do you want the career to feature improved lifestyle and satisfying pay package? Well, if this is what is desired, then why not consider choosing close protection careers.


The primary work of a close protection officer is to protect individuals from the risk of damage, violence or kidnapping. They usually work with a diverse range of people, including celebrities from the television industry, music, film, politicians, heads of industry and even sports personalities.

Besides protecting the client from physical violence, the daily tasks also include checking out the premises before the arrival of the client, accompanying the client for business or social visits and even driving the client to varied venues.

Few officers are known to specialize in residential security, and look after the task of security of the client’s residence. On the other hand, there are several others who specialize in evasive and defensive driving. However, the main function of close protection officers is to spot a threat before it happens. The work usually involves long sessions of inactivity, but it demands the officers to be in a consistent state of readiness.

Working Environment

Close protection officers often require working for long shifts as 24 hour protection may be required. The shifts may include evenings, Sundays and even holidays. As they need to accompany their client, the work locations may range from outdoor venues such as political rallies, conference meetings to indoor venues. They also frequently need to travel by airplane, train, car or motorcycle. As a result, possessing a driving licence is usually essential.


Security Industry Authority is the agency in United Kingdom, which holds the authority to issue licences to the potential candidates. As the close protection careers are very challenging, candidates are required to undergo specialized extensive training before they are issued the licence. Training requires taking the close protection course authorized by SIA up to the desired level.

Other skills which close protection officers are required to possess is physically fitness with excellent hearing and eyesight, good power of observation, ability to recognize threats and dangerous situations, quick reactions, ability to work in a team, holding of confidence to take the initiative, strong commitment to assist the client, keeping things confidential, good decision skills, interpersonal skills, decision making skills, verbal and written communication skills.

Career Opportunities

Close protection career opportunities are simply vast. Employers include state organizations, private organizations and even private individuals. However, those employed are the state organizations are usually ones specially trained in police affairs or military Forces. A majority of protection officers are also self-employed on short-term and long-term contracts, which may range from few days to several months. There are several security agencies also that hire close protection officers on a fixed salary basis.

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