Checkpoint Systems – Helping You Keep Your Goods Safe and Secure

The security features in a liquor store must always be at the highest levels due to the fact that such expensive commodities are prone to being stolen by miscreants who are always on the prowl. To make sure that the products you sell are in safe custody, you can contact a company that provides Bottle Service. Some of the leading organizations in this business have come up with new and revolutionary methods of protecting your prized possessions. They can help you reduce the losses you face due to pilferage and theft and in many cases you can even completely eliminate this from happening.

High tech solutions

All the companies that are market leaders in this category make use of cutting edge solutions to give you the best types of security so that you can keep your business booming and give you maximum profits. When it comes to Bottle Service, the cap is the most significant part. There are special caps that are designed to suit necks which are larger in size when compared to the normal ones. There are also others that have unique shapes. This not only makes it difficult for the shoplifter to steal it, it also prevents him or her from opening it and consuming the contents.

Helping to save time

When things get stolen from your shop, it is not only a loss of revenue; it also becomes a massive waste of your time. Your staff members will have to spend many hours trying to consolidate and find out all the goods that are missing. The sooner you put an end to this menace, the better it will be for the whole industry. Checkpoint Labels help to a great extent to dissuade thieves from stealing from your store. These devices are being used extensively by many different enterprises that are facing similar problems.

How it works

The system that has been designed to work in the case of Checkpoint Labels is a very elaborate and efficient one. It is completely fool proof and is sure to identify any type of malpractice in your agency. There are sensors at both the doors of entry and exit. The antennas that are present detect signal from the tags on the products. When a person tries to take the goods out of the premises, an alarm is sounded and this alerts the security. These tags cannot be taken off expect by a special device at the counter.

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