Video Sales Letter Tip Number 1 – Creating a Introduction That Gets Your Prospects Attention

This is an article on How to create a Video Sales Letter Introduction that will get the attention of your Prospect and Keep it long enough to take them to the next step in your Video Sales Letter Close.

I Use this same simple strategy in my video sales letters as well as my clients….because it works if you put it to work for yourself.

So How do you stand out and get noticed among the 3,000 other marketing messages? How do you create an introduction that uses the kind of information that qualifies your prospects by getting noticed and speaking to your prospect so they pay attention.

You can do this by enhancing the information or the presentation of the information

So remember, its not just what you say but how what’s being said is being presented.

Keep a place to take notes with you so you can test out new ideas when you see or hear something that gets your attention.

But when your ready to do a great video introduction, go to your local book store and look at main stream magazines and their covers as well as the table of contents. You will find a lot of great fill in the blank opportunities to introduce your product or service in a way that gets the attention of your prospects. Invest a few hours re-writing different introductions using the the headlines you find.

After you do that, you will be ready for the next step in this simple video sales process by creating a compelling story. I cover how to create a compelling story in your video sales letters in the next video marketing article called…yep, you guessed it, “Video Sales Letter Tip #2 – How to Create a Compelling story that Closes More Sales”

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