Tips For Making An Effective Business Sales Letter

Traditional selling techniques, such as sending out business sales letters to potential customers via snail mail, can be effective sales tool if done properly. Many businesses have failed to get results from such marketing strategies not because they do not work, but mainly because some companies have failed to create an effective business sales letter. In making a sales letter, everything should be planned and carefully chosen, including the font that should be used, the choice of words, and even the manner of presentation.

Below are important tips that would help you create a business sales letter that will deliver positive results:

Start your letter with a powerful headline

The headline is the first thing that the recipient will see when he or she opens the mail. Thus, it is imperative that the headline of your letter is catchy and strong. More often than not, the headline is what compels potential customers to continue reading your letter. A good headline must be able to pique the reader. One way to do this is to offer your prospective buyers a specific or particular result. For example, “If our hair-thickening shampoo does not make your hair thicker and shinier in 30-days, we will give your money back.”

Use a friendly and conversational tone

Many people fall asleep while reading textbooks because the tone and language that most textbook writers use is serious and technical. In writing sales letters, you do not need to impress the readers with your Harvard or Oxford vocabulary. What you need to do is to engage them. Thus, it is advisable to write a letter that is clear, succinct, and one that uses a conversational tone.

Focus on what customers will gain from buying your product

Oftentimes, we buy things because we feel compelled to do so. Maybe that is the reason why a lot of us buy things during sale or when there is a buy-one-take-one offer. Therefore, if you want your business sales letter to translate into actual sales, you ought to convince your customers that they need your product or service.

The best way to do so is by telling them the benefits that they will get from getting your product. Aside from the effectiveness of your product, what else can you offer your customers? Will they have a discount? Will you give them free delivery? Will they get additional benefits from the product other than what it is intended for?

Encourage your potential customers to take action

What compels people to take action? As mentioned earlier, a promise of a discount usually obliges customers to buy. Another effective way to make your customers take action immediately is by giving them a bonus or a free gift if they purchase your product within a specific time frame.

Provide testimonials, survey or research study results that prove your claim

Another important way to convince people to buy your product is by providing testimonials, survey results, or a way of quantifying the benefits they will get from your product. Furthermore, it is also advisable to show to your potential buyers that your product is superior to your competitors. However, you must be able to back your claims with facts. Do not just make up stories, figures or testimonials. Be sure to take an extra effort to research your product too.

Provide clear information and instruction on how to buy and pay for your products or services

If you were not able to provide your customers with sufficient information on how to buy your product, the whole point of sending the business sales letter is defeated. So do not forget to provide clear instructions on how clients can avail themselves of your goods. Furthermore, it would be better to make it easy for your customers to buy and pay for your products. If they need to drive 500 miles just to get your product, then they most probably wouldn’t bother. Having an online store, delivery service, or distributors will help promote the sale of your products.

Add a strong post script message

People are busy so they sometimes just skim through business letters. Thus, a post script, or PS, will help summarize the points you have provided inside the body of the letter. Be sure to make your PS short but compelling.

Pay attention to what materials you use

Do not use an envelope with your business name or logo on it. Just use a simple white envelope. If the client sees a business logo outside the envelope, then they might just throw away your letter because they would have an inkling that you are just going to sell something to them.

Moreover, it is also advisable to personalize your letter and envelope. This will make your client feel special. Lastly, do not use mailing labels, even if they would make your life easier. Address the envelope by hand because this will give your customer an impression that the letter came from a friend or relative. So they would most likely open the letter and if your follow the tips above, they may actually read it and take positive action.

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