There’s Show Business In All Business

During a coaching session I was doing this week we discovered that one of the problems the group I was working with was going through was that they were revealing too much information about the problems they saw, too early in the call. Over-divulging too much info is a cardinal sin of selling and here are some reasons why this is so.

It can bore the audience. When you start to educate a customer with your technical findings too early when you haven’t figured out a solution, the natural reactions that people have is one of trying to distance themselves from you. When you keep talking many customers just shut down and get bored. To make the information more compelling, you must always refer to your presentation when you will reveal the problem and the solution together.

It spoils the end of the show. Did you ever watch a movie or show where you could see where it was going right from the very beginning. This is what your buyer feels like when you talk about the problems too soon.

As in any dramatic script, it is important in scene one for us to get to know the characters. In scene two the foreshadowing takes place to set the scene for scene three where we have the conflict. This is immediately followed in the final scene where the hero resolves all problems. Can you see how this would be helpful on your next call?

In this world of attention deficit disorder, you must learn from Hollywood and make your presentation of prices and problems in a way that maintains interest and action on the part of your buyer. Your presentation must be memorable and valuable enough for your customer to buy.

By all means don’t reveal the ending of the show at the beginning or else your audience will just get up and leave. If you do it right, you will wind up with a standing ovation and a check in your hand at the end. Thank you and good night.

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