Improving Sales With the Law of Averages

I am in sales and the most helpful thing that has encouraged me has been the law of averages, and building endurance to go through the law of averages. I was amazed when I started in sales how that even if I went through an hour without a sale, that next one would be the very amount I had set my goal at. Most of the time it would be one out of ten, but on occasion it was one out of forty.

On the beginning when I had to wait for that sale, that maybe took forty calls I would get very anxious, until it became pretty much as sure as the sun coming up the next day. The law of averages I never heard about until later on in sells, but I definitely knew it worked, and I was amazed at how certain it was. Overtime it was just a matter of the endurance that I needed as I went through the number of sells.

The certainty of knowing the sales will come, helped me with the endurance until they did come. The other aspects of the certainty of the law of averages, was I enjoyed my job more because I could relax with people and enjoy them more as I did my sells.

If you are reading this and you are in sells, you can relax because even if you are new, the law of averages will work. Keeping that simple reminder of the certainty of the law of averages can increase persistence and patience as well.

Sells can be a job that can cause a lot of anxiety, but if you keep this reminder as I said, it can free you up to focus on the great things about sells, like working with many wonderful people, no ceiling on your income, and the flexibility that sometimes comes with the job.

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