Strategic PR Tips and Prescriptions For Positive Publicity

In today’s business world, the image and reputation of your business is critically important. And therefore, it is essential that businesses and organizations have an effective and strategic public relations program and positive and healthy media relations. Too many businesses do not have any organized public relations plan to achieve healthy publicity for their organization year in and year out. Many firms complain that they do not get any positive publicity and feel they are ignored by the media. And there are many businesses and organizations that get extremely negative publicity that could have been prevented and/or cured by an effective PR plan. The good news in all of this is that there is a series of strategic PR tips and prescriptions to help companies and organizations achieve positive publicity and an enhanced image and reputation. This article presents ten (10) strategic PR tips to achieve positive publicity for you and your company or organization.

PR Tip #1: Develop a clearly defined written yearly plan for your public relations initiative

PR Tip #2: Develop clearly defined and measurable goals for your plan.

PR Tip #3: Develop a public relations plan that is comprehensive and includes newspapers, weeklies, magazines, radio, television, cable television, word of mouth, events, presentations, etc.

PR Tip #4: Develop media lists that will include local, regional and national media. Make sure the contact information is kept up to date.

PR Tip #5: Develop a planned series of ongoing media releases and media advisories each month throughout the year.

PR Tip #6: Develop professional relationships with your target media so that they will both be more receptive to placing your stories.

PR Tip #7: Work to establish yourself as a resource of information and/or story ideas for your target media.

PR Tip #8: Make sure that your news releases contain something that is truly “newsworthy” and make your case of why it is newsworthy to the media.

PR Tip #9: Develop an effective media kit for news media with consistent and accurate background information.

PR Tip #10: Establish a speaker’s bureau to help “spread the word” to your target audience

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