How to Significantly Increase Your Chance of Getting Free Media Coverage

Knowing what you can do to increase your chance of getting free media coverage can be of great value and benefit to you and your business. All too often, I hear of people who want to get free media and press coverage, but they may not understand what they need to do to start the process and make it work correctly.

Sometimes well-intended people will think about strategies; perhaps they’ll talk about a new product, a service or something that they bring to the table. These are not want you should focus on initially.

First and foremost, as you get started, getting free press coverage in magazines, newspapers and television is not about your strategy. The most important thing you want to pay attention to is your philosophy. If you have the right philosophy about approaching the media, you’re going to be years ahead of the competition.

And the philosophy should be the following:

Know that whatever you’re presenting to the media is not about you or your item. It’s not about what you have to offer to the reporter or to the editor. It’s not about a great thing that’s coming.

What it really boils down to is making sure you bring value to the magazine, the newspaper or the television’s listening audience and subscriber base. As you decide what’s the best way to get free media coverage, make sure you are focused on the right philosophy first. Taking the time to have the correct mindset will make a huge difference. What it really boils down to is making sure you can bring value to editors and reporters that helps them not only do their jobs better, but also helps their readers enjoy the publication, whatever medium it may be.

One thing that you need to realize is that when you’re working with someone in the media, chances are that when you get something in print it’s going to be uploaded online. Whatever it is you will indirectly become the voice of that media outlet, whether it’s a magazine, a newspaper, a television show or a combination of many different variables.

What you say and how you communicate to the subscriber base of the end user will make a lasting impression on them and also the perception they have of the media company. Knowing your philosophy as to how you are communicating to the end-user audience needs to precede your strategy, the actual process and methods used to set you apart from virtually anyone who’s trying to increase their chances of getting free media coverage.

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