Where Can I Go to Be Able to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Many hours are generally spent when trying to start and develop a successful business. Therefore, an extra pair of hands could really help with various tasks like typing newsletters, data entry, posting blog content, interacting on social sites, and answering the many incoming emails from numerous clients. Therefore, hiring a virtual assistant that can literally take charge and perform the job of a project manager for a subsequent product launch or campaign strategy is a huge plus.

Virtual assistant companies often provide either long-term or short-term assistants that can adequately fill-in regarding a certain project, or commit to a particular number of hours per week, or even per month. Options like these can be very useful during a super busy holiday season or unexpected crunch time.

Here are some helpful tips to follow for hiring the best virtual assistant possible from a number of virtual assistant companies or other key places.

1. Assess your needs before hiring a virtual assistant.

The first step to hiring the best virtual assistant is to figure out what kind of relationship you both need and want with your potential assistant. Determine in advance if you need an actual project manager or a person who can offer a more task-oriented role for your business needs. If you’re both on the same page it can prevent any uncertainty and awkwardness. If, on the other hand, you have any unclear expectations and vague boundaries, there’s likely going to be a great deal of problems right from the start. Therefore, be very clear regarding what you need from them before you even start to look for one.

2. Where to look for a virtual assistant.

Sometimes word-of-mouth is the best way to find an ideal employee. Finding a great virtual assistant through a personal referral can give you the inside scoop pertaining to their specific skills and types of projects they have experience working on.

But, if that route isn’t an option, there are a number of reputable virtual assistant agencies to help you locate one with special skill sets and varying price ranges. Visit sites like Elance, Odesk, or on dedicated sites including the VA Certified directory or the International Virtual Assistants Association. If you just need a person to perform a small amount of personal assistant type work, check out websites like Zirtual or FancyHands.

3. Identify any technical skills you need from your assistant.

An experienced assistant with high-level technical skills can easily handle a content management system quite well with minimal problems. However, another assistant may find the learning curve very difficult to handle if their technical skill level is somewhat questionable. Therefore, if you have any special preferences or particular requirements, be sure you talk about them beforehand. Ask the potential assistant if they can provide a few examples of their previous work to help you decide if they’re a good fit for the needs of your business.

Keep in mind why you’re hiring an assistant in the first place. It will ultimately allow you to easily assign certain activities that are too time consuming, energy draining, and tedious, so you can focus more attention on work that inspires your brand and keeps your business moving in the right direction. With that in mind, hiring a virtual assistant will allow you to spend more time on your creativity and get more work done overall.

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