Marketing Your Practice the Old Fashioned Way

Years ago when I had my first Practice, there was no internet and no emails. Facebook and social media did not exist and Holistic Practitioners did not have websites. So what did we do to get clients and patients? Well we went to network meetings, we wrote articles, we gave free talks or taught low cost classes to the public.

When we were out and about in the community we answered that question “So what do you do?” The best way we could. We gave out our business card to those that asked and hopefully we gained some new clients in that process.

I have many colleagues who assist non Holistic Practitioners with their marketing. When they hear that I still use and promote these ‘pre Internet’ strategies they cringe and dub them as the old fashioned way to market.

Guess what I tell my marketing colleagues? I tell them that these strategies, although they might appear old fashioned or not fancy, still work. Yep! These “traditional” ways to market a Practice still are effective to gain clients and expand your existing Practice.

In fact, when I assist my private clients with creating what I call their marketing wheel. (And I call it a marketing wheel rather than a marketing plan because it just seems to be more digestible to my private clients when they hear it.) We include both online and offline strategies.I also encourage you to do the same.

Does your marketing include strategies that utilize both the World Wide Web as well as methods that tap into your local community? If not, you are probably missing out on opportunities to reach more potential patients and clients, increase your revenue, and actually enjoy the process of marketing you and your Practice a lot more.

So here is your Practice Building assignment:
Take a good look at your marketing strategies. I want you to notice what you are doing offline to market your Practice.
Take note what methods brought you clients in the past. Specifically what offline strategies? Perhaps you are noticing that there are some strategies that you have used in the past that have been neglected or have fallen by the wayside. That is ok.
You can begin right now by integrating both offline as well as online strategies. So that you are getting out there in a bigger way and you are reaching more of the people needing your help and your healing.

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