5 Great Ways Political Candidates Can Use Yard Signs

Political campaigns and yard signs go hand-in-hand. In terms of cost-per-exposure, it’s difficult to find a more-effective way to promote your political campaign than to use yard signage. It’s important, however, to have a clearly-defined strategy for your campaign promotion, rather than just putting up signs all over town and hoping that you win the election. There are actually many different ways to use lawn signs for your political campaign-here are some of the most-common and most-effective.

  1. Candidate Promotion-The most-obvious reason to use political signs is to promote a specific candidate. Although larger elections get extensive media coverage, for the smaller elections it’s up to the campaign managers to heavily-promote the candidate and get his/her name out to the public. The goal is for voters to remember your candidate’s name when they step into the voting booth, so make sure you feature them in your yard sign design.
  2. Cause Information-Another important use for political yard signs is to promote or inform about a specific cause. This could be your candidate’s platform or a proposed bill. Voters need to be fully-educated about the causes at-hand so they can vote appropriately, and since signs are so visible, they are a great way to get the word out.
  3. Election Date-Make sure the electorate knows all the important details about Election Day. This means 1) when it is, 2) what times they can vote, and 3) where they can vote. You’ll still want to include your candidate’s name on these signs for brand consistency, but make sure voters are aware of when it’s time for them to take action.
  4. Voting Sites-Although there are generally strict rules about advertising a specific candidate near the polling locations, it’s important that they are clearly-identified so the community knows where to go to cast their vote. Place inexpensive corrugated plastic signs near your polling site-these are easy to remove once the voting is over, and they’re easy to see from far away.
  5. Congratulations-Whether your candidate wins or loses, it’s important to always be professional, as you never know what the future holds. Order signs for your winning candidate as celebration of your campaign’s success, or even display signs that congratulate the opposing candidate if he/she was victorious. This makes you look respectable and shows that you are a good sport.

Political signs build awareness for your campaign, your candidate, and your causes, so make sure you’ve allocated a significant portion of your marketing budget for lawn signs. Corrugated plastic is the industry standard as it’s quite-inexpensive and durable, but if you want to set yourself apart from the other candidates, order something more-professional like aluminum or even a metal sign.

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