Company Formation in Europe for the American Business Owner

Many business owners in America and those new to incorporating, desire the attractive tax and limited liability business vehicles offered by the many diverse European countries. While countries in the EU have adopted the same monetary policy, their business regulatory environment is left up to each individual country to regulate and legislate. This means that the many countries in the EU offer different attractive advantages to overseas investors in an attempt to bring in much-needed foreign capital.

While on the level this seems great to have so many options available to the American businessman or aspiring business owner, it also lends inherent difficulty in getting up to speed on all the separate regulatory, cultural and business requirements for European corporation formation. With 27 countries in the EU, attempting to become knowledgeable about the vast differences in business Corporation requirements and regulations of all of these culturally diverse countries would be a nightmare.

That’s why company formation in Europe should only be sought through the advice of a seasoned and experienced European company formation specialist that employs local attorneys and accountants who live and work in the different EU countries to handle company registration there. These respected business pros conduct their business daily in the countries and city-states where you desire to incorporate, and have up-to-date knowledge of the best possible location to accomplish your business goals and desires.

For instance, they understand that Ireland offers a 0% tax to foreign investors who incorporate there, but there are regulations and stipulations that you must meet. And they can help you decide whether you need to open up a virtual or physical office, and whether the famous trade routes accessible to Spain and Portugal better suit your business needs, or whether owning a respected Swiss business name is better for your unique situation.

A respectable European incorporation firm operating with high integrity will never charge an upfront fee, and will always be happy to answer all your initial questions in a free telephone consultation or live online chat session. And they always employ local accountants and attorneys to ensure you get the speedy and efficient European corporation that you need, while spending the least amount of money. European corporation for the American resident can mean never having to leave your home or business in the United States and to possess a highly respected and vaunted European corporation designation. Contact your European incorporation firm specialist today, and you’ll be well on your way to European corporation ownership sooner than you ever thought possible.

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