Plaques, Trophies and Corporate Awards Vs Cash Bonuses

Corporate Award Recognition Programs Boost Morale and Productivity

Employee engagement and performance have never been as critical to the overall health and success of an organization as they are in current times. As companies struggle in a slow economy, the hard work and dedication of employees can make all the difference.

One of the greatest challenges business leaders face today is maintaining a workplace culture where employees are motivated, engaged and perform to their fullest potential.

Employees not only want good pay and benefits, they also want to be valued and appreciated for their work, treated fairly, assigned roles and tasks that are important, have advancement opportunities, and opportunities to be involved in management decisions. Employee recognition is proven to contribute to high morale in the work environment. Corporate award recognition and rewards play a critical role in helping to attract and retain employees.

Why Plaques, Trophies and Corporate Awards Win Over Cash Bonuses

People like recognition and appreciate being thanked for their work in kind. However, as a reward, cash often falls flat. Employees quickly forget how they spend the cash, and most often it goes towards unmemorable expense bills. More importantly, unlike etched glass awards, crystal corporate awards, plaques and trophies that adorn walls and offices, cash sits in a wallet…and not for too long!

Employee recognition awards are a great form of appreciation. In addition, they are also a great incentive! Employees like to work towards receiving one of these honors.

Employee recognition awards can take many forms-thank you notes, pins, plaques, award ceremonies, company products, company stock, employee photo in the company newsletter-to name just a few. The nice thing about employee recognition awards is that the number of ways to say thank you for doing the “right thing” is unlimited. And they are not necessarily expensive.

Employee Recognition Awards – Effective Drivers of Performance

Business organizations do well by allocating a certain portion of the corporate budget towards employee recognition awards. What can your company do to enhance productivity and performance?

· Make sure all your members of staff know just how much you appreciate them, by giving corporate recognition awards.

· Presenting your staff with awards and trophies will not only motivate the individual but could also inspire other members of the team to work hard to receive the same.

· There are various options when it comes to rewarding your staff with gifts. You can opt for unique plaques, crystal awards, recognition walls, recognition plaques and other customized gifts and trophies.

· Remember you are trying to motivate and encourage your staff with these awards, so make sure they look good.

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