Is Your Company Innovative Enough?

Most companies are conventional in their business activities and may try to create an innovative process or even designate an innovation department to try and keep themselves from plateauing. While this can produce the occasional blockbuster getting the whole organization to think innovative will leverage the creative capacity of everyone and produce dramatically better ideas and innovations. Instead of focusing on innovating new products all the time, you can use this leveraged creative to innovate on new approaches to the regular business model.

Opening the process to departments outside of new product ideas, allows you to improve almost every aspect of your organization including sales, marketing, human resources, and the innovation process itself. The creative capacity of your organization, just like the innovation process, is not bound and can be further leveraged by bringing in the ideas of customers, business partners, and even competitors. Using all available information to help you innovate solutions to your problems or further improve on your strengths will give you innovative moment that you can use to cycle back to new product ideas.

Innovating on price models and volume models can give you the change in landscape that you are looking for. With basic supply and demand economics you can innovate on the possibilities of increasing volume or increasing price and how that would affect your bottom line. By continually iterating and integrating the customer feedback into the innovation process you can use data to drive the decisions and form an innovative approach that can dramatically increase your profits.

When sales need to be improved you can use the innovative process to solve sales problems or simply give them a boost. Setting the creative capacity to work on the delivery mechanism for your products or services will allow you company to find new revenue streams and maximize the current sales techniques. Even if the innovation is just an iteration or small tweak on an existing sales process or avenue, the potential gains from consistent innovations can be staggering.

Using your creative process to increase the talent that you are able to innovate from is one of the most cost effective ways to improve innovation. By setting your innovation process loose on the human resources processes and protocol you will be able to recruit more creative and better staff that can help to accelerate your innovative culture and increase your ability to innovate on demand.

Innovation can and should be used on every aspect of your business to maximize your results. Making continual improvements in all areas will positively affect your bottom line while allowing you to increase your competitive advantage. Don`t forget to innovate on your human resources department and leverage your complete creative capacity for maximal results.

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