Happy Labor Day, Neighbor

My friends and neighbors; is this one of those great days for you and your family? A day to celebrate the fruits of your hard labors and to enjoy the benefits of a job well done?

Is your life only getting better and the prospects of future success growing more positive by the day? Or, are you one of the 14 million unemployed or the 8.8 million under-employed or the 2.6 million who have given up looking for work and so, are not counted in the government stats? Add this all up and we find the 9.1 % unemployed figure looks more like 16.5+ % unemployed.

Do we wonder if our government is saying, “Oh well, let the people eat cake, I guess”? Surely it is time for us to realize that change is inevitable. We desire to hold our governments more accountable and yet, we lack the unity and the drive to do much about it. This is a sad state of affairs. In the past, it was the labor unions who helped in this process. A hundred and twenty-nine years ago, the first Labor Day was celebrated in New York City and two years later, in 1894, congress designated it a national holiday in the U.S.A. Without the unity of the time, this would not have happened.

This is a new time… a new era. What we need is a new perspective, a new vision for our tomorrows. Without vision, the people perish. (Proverbs 29:18 Holy Bible). What makes a nation great? Do individuals prosper without interaction with others? Have we forgotten the fundamentals of what makes the United States, Canada, and other countries, great countries?

It is one of my observations that we often put up with too much nonsense in life; but, that we are willing to stand up for someone else whom we see going through the same difficulties. We may get bullied but, we will not allow our children to be bullied etc. This type of caring may be the spark we need to get the fire going again in our lives.

Change may not always be fun; but, it is necessary. Of course, I am not talking the kind of change that the government offers. I am talking about a new and better way to create income and security for ourselves and for our neighbors. This may sound kind of crazy; but, caring about our neighbors and putting God first in our lives would create the ultimate unity; and with that unity we would take back our countries and our lives. If you believe that big brother will make things better for us or that you can simply focus on yourself in order to win in this ‘out of control world’, you will look back and see that you wasted you best option.

I truly hope that you enjoy this day and especially with your loved ones if you can. Give some thought to what I have said and remember the other guy today too. Consider how your neighbors are doing? Ask your family how their friends families are faring in this economic depression. Get everyone thinking about the other person too. We are all in this mess together and it isn’t going away any time soon.

Caring about your neighbor means treating them honestly in all of your dealings and being prepared to help where you are able. Put God first in your life and consider what He would have you do and then make plans in your life and in your family and take action – even if it is small action. Share your blessings with others and your life will be enriched. Of this, I am sure. Ask people how they are doing economically and health wise and listen in sincerity to their answers. It is an important first step.

Happy Labor Day and may we enjoy the richest future blessings from the seeds of love we plant with our neighbors today.

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