Outdoor Candles – Beautiful Bug Busters

Outdoor candles can add warmth to your outdoor time. There are many options for scents and styles. We can help you choose the one that will bring you joy, as well as repel mosquitoes.

Citronella, lemongrass, and lemongrass are all good repellents for mosquitoes. They fly away from strong scents that are citrusy and overwhelming. These smells hide the human scent, so the mosquitoes won’t be as likely to bite you. You can find outdoor candles with these scents, and add these fragrances to your existing selection.

Candles provide the perfect lighting solution for dim outdoor lighting due to their warm and inviting glow. Bright lights attract bugs so it is important to keep the lights out and the candles lit. You can use candles to bring out the summer scent. You can hang a few lanterns from the trees near your seating area. Or, create a candle scope by placing a couple of candles on a side table.  Candle making kits helps you in making candle by your own.

Remember that a lit candle can also be an open flame. If not closely monitored, it could become a fire hazard. Unattended burning candles, including torchlight’s, are not to be left. Never light a candle in proximity to anything that might catch on fire. Also, keep candles outreach of pets and children.

Candles are a great way to set the mood & engage the senses

As Valentine’s Day approaches and our lives are still far from normal, we all look for inspiration to make these moments memorable. While flowers and chocolate are always welcome, there are better ways to set a mood, engage the senses (sight, sound, or smell) than candles. Candles are the best way to create a mood.

The ability of candles to bring comfort, calm, and alleviate stress has led to a rise in candle sales.

Soy Candles – Simple ingredients make soy candles a popular choice for minimalists. Soy candles provide a visually appealing and smooth burn.

Wooden Wicks– If you don’t have a fireplace with wood, a candle that has a wooden wick crackling and emits a warm glow can work!

Food Scented Candles: Add some culinary aromatherapy to your night. A trend that has been growing since 2020 is food-scented candles. A sweet peach-scented or comforting sugar cookie candle can be lit to create a cozy atmosphere.

Destination Candles many people are missing traveling to see their family, friends, or vacation spots. Candles that bring back the comforts of home or a sense of nostalgia are a popular trend and can be used to help fill the void.

Movie night – Make your movie night more than just a visual experience. Use candles to light candles that have the right scents for each film. You don’t want to miss this opportunity, which offers new opportunities for experiential learning that are limited by sheltering.

Popular and useful tips and tricks that will help your candles burn longer and shine brighter

  • Keep your candles dry in a cool and dark place. Flatten dinner candles to avoid warping.
  • To remove fingerprints and dust from candles, rub the surface gently with a piece of nylon cloth. Water can be used to moisten the cloth.
  • Wash candleholders with hot water to remove any wax. Let the candleholder cool in the freezer for at least one hour before removing it. This allows the wax shrink to easily pop out once the candleholder has been taken out of the freezer.
  • Keep candles out of glass items that are not made for burning them. Glass candleholders have been specifically designed to withstand temperature changes caused by lighting candles. All glassware used in everyday life is not made for lighting candles.
  • Use a few drops to moisten the votive holders before you insert the candle. It will be easier to clean. Attention: Only add a few drops of water to your votive holders. Don’t add more than that and don’t add any water unless the intention is to light the candle right away. A candlewick can absorb water over time and not burn properly.
  • Keep your candles out of direct sunlight or bright indoor lighting. Your candles may start to fade quickly.

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