What Are The Five Components Of Financial Logos Design?

Finance is the science to manage funds that involve money transactions with time and risk being its key areas; thus, financial logos should be designed in a way which depicts trustworthiness and loyalty of a finance-related business. These brand marks should represent the financial company or service smartly to let the financial company or a service to stand out and to do this, these corporate identities really needs to appear unique.

Why these brand marks should look unique?

This is a question which perhaps rolls in every person’s mind. The answer to this question is very simple that is the sole purpose of creating a brand mark for a business is to set it apart from the rest of the same theme of businesses. If a strategy to make the business standout isn’t unique then how on earth, the business would establish its unique place in the market.

Therefore, to come up with this small piece of graphical representation is not a difficult issue but to come up with something that is unique, enthralling and enchanting is hard. The more the financial logo is unique, the more it will be memorable and the more it will leave an inedible mark on the minds of your potential and existing customers.

There are certain features that a graphic designer should consider while designing such brand marks but it is totally in the hands of a graphic designer to play with these features creatively to come up with a unique financial corporate identity. Here is the list of features that a professional graphic designers should take care of while working on these brand marks.

1. Text: Letters in such brand mark identities should be legible as legibility of letters would let your customers to identify an element of trust within your business.

2. Font Size: It is a mark of the great financial designs that they never lose their identity in any size; thus, it should be scalable.

3. Font Style: Brand marks of a financial company needs to look formal, so, it’s ideal to adopt either Times New Romans or Ariel font to represent the formal image of financial company or service.

4. Colors: Blue color is the best choice for corporate identities to depict trustworthiness of a business however, sometimes, it’s better to use green as well to depict friendly nature of the business. You can also use them in combination to ensure trust, loyalty and customer friendly nature of your finance business. However, in the end it totally depends on the choice of a business owner.

5. Slogan: Rather than graphics, a slogan can add an extra value to financial logos; thus, it’s preferable to use slogans for such brand mark identities in order to strengthen the image of your investment business.

If your corporate identity has the five elements in common but utilized in a creative manner then it won’t take any long for your business to be memorized to acquire a prominent place in the financial market.

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