Why is Digital Signage Appealing

Digital signage is the icing on the cake for communication. It has a unique layout and flexibility that would best fit a company’s requirements. It allows for quick changes and updates that can be done quickly and remotely. Where as in the past companies had to reprint memos and flier and replace them on bulletin boards, digital signage eliminates the need for reprinted materials, saving companies money on paper and products and printing supplies. It could also be the fact of being entertaining. It allows for news, advertisements, weather, and many other options.

Digital signage is a communication tool that enhances and strengthens communication within a company. It can display local weather and traffic reports, along with the news and trivia. It informs employees of important upcoming dates and information about what is going on within a company. It also improves employee engagement and ensures employees are informed.

With both small and large companies it can be difficult to keep everyone informed. When memo’s and e-mails are being sent out there is limited resources to ensure that theses messages are effective in informing the employees. In recent studies, digital signage has been shown to be an effective communication tool. Unlike in a written document it has the advantages of quickly changing information. Digital signage is also a “push” media, so it pushed the information to the employee with little to no effort on the part of the employee. When a pull media has an employee make an effort in order to receive the message.

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