Abrasive Distributors and the Distribution Channels

Abrasive distributors specialize in the distribution of Abrasives throughout the country or worldwide. Distribution is possible via a number of different channels, the alternate channels available are as follows:

o Distributor – (Also known as wholesaler), the distributor sells the Abrasive to retailers.

o Selling Direct – this is done via telephone sales, mail order and internet. (It is an outbound sales force).

o Agent – the agent will typically sell on the behalf of the producer / manufacturer direct to the retailer.

o Advertisement – This method is usually only used for consumption goods.

o Retailer – the retailer is also known as (reseller or dealer) and they sell to end customers.

There are four elements to marketing and distribution is one of the elements of marketing mix. Abrasive distributor’s main role is to make the product available to the consumer or even to the business. Abrasive distributors may focus on local distribution; however it is very common for products to be distributed far more widespread now. Some Abrasive Distributors will have a target set to them to make the product available worldwide.

This is when the retailers, agents are used and the product is distributed to them at a cost, in return they will distribute the product to the general market at a higher cost giving them an earning but distributing the product in many different places and countries.

Abrasive distributors commonly focus on distributing to specialist companies like DIY stores (Homebase, b&q are a few examples), they will not distribute to irrelevant places that will not generate revenue.

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